SPA Clowns Around with Surprise Event

The suspense had been building in the nearly 1,000 students who found the SPA’s Surprise HUB Event event page in their invite tab on Facebook. What do they have up there sleeves? Is it a Susan Boyle concert? Are they giving out free Nathan’s hot dogs? Is it a comedy set from Julian Smith of the hot kool-aid video?

If you were on the first floor of the HUB yesterday, you would know that it was none other than Michael DuBois’ “Solo Circus.”

Escaping for a straight jacket on a six-foot unicycle while suspenseful music is playing is a staple for magicians. It has been done and re-done in amusement park amphitheaters across the nation. Despite being extremely difficult, most audiences have become too jaded by David Blaine turning coffee into money to be shocked by someone juggling sharp objects. However, with a mix of comedy and dangerous stunts, DuBois’ act had the crowd’s full attention.

If you happen to be one of the cyclical spectators, half of the show’s allure is hoping you’ll see a performer fall or mess up. The whole time DuBois was juggling or walking on a tight-rope you expected him to go head first into the tile floor of the HUB. His high energy and amusing comments kept the crowd laughing in between shocked gasps.

“I just peed myself,” he said as he gained his balance on a shaky uni-cycle. Through out the whole performance, the audience was guessing that SPA found this guy doing card tricks on a New Jersey boardwalk.

However, quite the opposite is true for DuBois, who perfected his act with six years of experience. He even did a spot on NBC’s “Jay Leno Show.” Despite appearing at over 300 college campuses, his show in the HUB was like a homecoming for DuBois. He graduated from Penn State in 2004 and is the former president of the campus’ juggling club.

Even though it wasn’t Lil’ Wayne‘s first rap show since his release from prison, Michael DuBois wowed spectators and provided gutbusting entertainment for students passing between classes. One person in attendance was showing a friend DuBois’ act from the webcam on his Macbook. All the person on the other end of the line could say was “Wow, Penn State is so random.”

Speculators say we’re in the running for the Princeton Review’s prestigious Number One College for Randomly Interesting Events award. Thank you, SPA.

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