The Body Shop Vending Machine Debuts in HUB

You may have noticed that the useless HUB phone booths have been replaced by a The Body Shop vending machine. The Body Shop recently partnered with ZoomSystems, a company that has similar partnerships with Sephora and Proactiv Solution, to release its products in vendible form.

Penn State spokesperson Lisa Powers said the vending machine was brought in to create some extra revenue for the HUB (without the cost of labor); the extra money will go right back into HUB Operations and student employment. She added that this is a type of service which isn’t available anywhere else in University Park or State College, and that depending on the popularity of The Body Shop machine, the University may consider expanding into additional products.

What kinds of things would you want to buy from vending machines in the HUB?

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Caitlin is from a small Pennsylvania town called Unionville, which is by West Chester, which is by Philadelphia. She is a sophomore in the Smeal College of Business and will probably major in accounting. Caitlin loves "How I Met Your Mother" and dougnuts.


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