Circa Survive Stuns Fans

Circa Survive 6
Circa Survive 6
Circa Survive performs in HUB Alumni Hall

Last night, PSMA hosted an end-of-the-semester concert to give students one last breather before they have to undergo a weekend of cramming for useless gen eds.

Starting at 7 p.m., the concert opened with Erick Serna, the guitarist of The Dear Hunter who performed with the drummer from the following band, Mercies. This was Serna’s first-ever performance, giving the Penn State students a unique opportunity.

Following Serna was the band Mercies, which features another member of The Dear Hunter, keyboardist Josh Rheault. Fans of the Dear Hunter seemed to enjoy these acts, but it was definitely no substitute for the real thing.

A signed banner from all the bands was then raffled off and presented by Melanie Versaw, the entertainment chair of PSMA.

By the time Circa Survive took the stage, the audience had filled a little over half the HUB. Pushing forward, the crowd got a bit tighter and a lot sweatier.

As lead singer Anthony Green’s high-pitched voice resonated into the microphone, the show began with a kick. Balloons filled with confetti littered the air as Circa Survive began to perform songs from all three of their full-length albums.

Circa played fan-favorites “Imaginary Enemy” and “Get Out” from their Blue Sky Noise album. The songs sounded amazingly accurate, every note hit harder than the last.

With several remarks about college, Green had one major thing to say about school: “remember, if you fail, it doesn’t fucking matter.”

After returning to the stage for “one more song,” Circa Survive wowed the crowd with their biggest hit, “Act Appalled.” Their performance rocked the HUB and took studying off the minds of students for a few hours.

Thanks to PSMA and all those involved, the night went off without a hitch. Now that this semester’s concerts are over, who do you think would be a good fit for the PSU campus?

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