Penn State Student has $123,000 Arm

If you were flipping through channels like I was on Saturday, you might have caught something that threw you off: A Penn State mention during a football game….the Big 12 Championship game, that is.

This past Saturday, Penn State architecture student George Hayward was on the field at halftime as part of a competition sponsored by Dr. Pepper, where he had to throw 10 footballs into a target to try to win $123,000 in scholarship money.

His competition made nine…he made all ten.

“After I made my 10th ball, I saw him make a ninth, and, for a second, I thought he was going to throw another, at which I thought, ‘oh no, a tie!’ Then when I realized he didn’t have a ball, I was like ‘o my god no way!'” Hayward said in an email.

If Penn State fans like Matt McGloin’s swagger this season, they would have loved what they saw from George over the weekend.

“Surprisingly, I was actually really calm going out onto the field. For maybe the final twenty minutes prior to throwing, I just kept quoting my favorite songs and inspirational quotes in my head to keep me calm and motivated. By the time the clock struck 0:00, I was as ready as I ever was going to be,” Hayward said.

Hayward plans to use the prize money to help pay his tuition costs while at school.

So the next time you see one of those cool contests, it may be worth a shot to enter…I know George is glad he did.

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