How NOT to Fail Your Finals

It’s finals week, so basically it is time to learn all the material you just happened to miss throughout the semester by: a) missing class, b) texting your way through class, c) sleeping through class or d) playing Farmville instead of taking notes in class…It’s okay, Onward State is here to help you learn how to study throughout the week.

Since you can’t seem to stop Facebook stalking or tweeting about how much you have to do…

Download Self Control App

This nifty little application blocks any website you tell it to for any time increment up to 24 hours. Presto! Even if you quit the application, turn your computer off, throw your computer against the wall (which I strongly discourage) the application will still work, and the little timer on the top of your computer will you remind you how long you have to finish your work. I have blocked everything from to, but do not block Onward State!

Get out of your room and go somewhere quiet!

Everyone knows there is a library for some reason. So go there, find a cubicle, and bring all the materials you need. If you’re not a library dweller, there are study rooms in the Hub and even Redifer. Just get out of your room away from your annoying roommates who do not seem to have to study for finals.

Brain food! Bring snacks to avoid the grumbling monster in your stomach

Bring healthy foods and water to nourish you while you sit there and try to comprehend material you have never seen before. Also, you don’t want to be that annoying kid spending 20 minutes trying to open a bag of cheetos.

Open the textbook from the wrapping, and give it a quick read

Outline the chapters you know are going to be on the test, transform your outline into a quick study guide, and then make flashcards if you must. Or, handwrite the study guide and then type it. Rewriting several times does seem redundant, but it helps you remember. Also, if you have any access to practice questions or past tests, take them!

Study in the daytime, and sleep in the nighttime.

This may seem like a mysterious concept to most nocturnal college students, but studying during the daytime gives you time to get a lot of sleep at night so you can relax before your tests. Also, avoid energy drinks and popping “addy” so you can actually get decent nights sleep.

If you’re going to listen to music, listen to something calm, preferably without lyrics.

Distracting music is, well, distracting. Loud music will definitely give you a headache, but listening to calm music (does not have to be classical) that you enjoy will help you. Listening to music without lyrics might be better so trying to memorize information and sing at the same time doesn’t mix up your head. You might want to try the Enigma or Pretty Lights stations on Pandora.

What are some study tips that you have found to be helpful?

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