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You suggested, we listened. Welcome to the new Onward State, our fifth major redesign. We think it’s the best design we’ve ever released to showcase the great content Onward State produces.

Some of the words we frequently heard about our previous redesign were cluttered, confusing, and community column. Not sure what’s up with all of the C-words. In this redesign, we went back to the basics. A single stream brings together all of Onward State’s content. You can choose to filter this stream to show everything, only community content, or only links.

The featured content area has also been improved. The first thing that should stand out is our primary featured story in the main content box. Below the title, you will notice a short description of the post, designed to give you some more information about the post before you click on it. Also, this description (and a link to the post) will be tweeted out to @OnwardStateRSS when the story is published, so make sure to follow that account if you’re not doing so already! Below the main content box, you will see four smaller boxes. The first smaller box should already be selected — click on any of the three other boxes to show an expanded view of the story in the main content box.

This new design also features an improved sidebar that we really think you’ll like. In the new sidebar, you’ll notice we brought back recent comments — the recent comments widget will update comments in real-time. One of my favorite features of the new sidebar is the “Welcome Back” box that shows you how many posts have been added since the last time you were on the site.

As you explore all of the pages that have been redone, please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Eric Papamarcos

Eric is a senior majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis. He enjoys playing tennis, eating Milano cookies, and drinking Gatorade G2. Eric designed and developed Onward State's website, including Onward State Mobile.


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