Penn State UPUA Passes Legislation to Join PASS

At a December 19 meeting in Philadelphia, the student governments at Penn State, Pitt, Temple, and Lincoln universities agreed to form a unified Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students (PASS).

The measure is a joint resolution between the four universities, who are still currently on winter break. Once fully formed, PASS will be a unified student voice for Pennsylvania’s largest public universities, especially with regard to tuition. It will be a much stronger force and presence in Harrisburg. UPUA President Christian Ragland said that events such as a joint pep rally were already planned.

Penn State is the first of the universities to formally join the organization, having passed legislation to that effect last night with a vote of 38-0-2.

Ragland also explained why they didn’t want to include the other smaller 14 state-related universities: “We didn’t want to force [them] into a state association.” He said that he learned form an earlier meeting that their interests did not align with those of the PASS schools.

With the new semester here, the UPUA also welcomed four new members. Katie Quinn was confirmed as clerk, Tyler Wentz as secretary, and Jarrett Carper as the liaison from the Association of Residence Hall Students.

In addition, the Assembly finally confirmed Dustin Dove as Ragland’s chief of staff, after the President had tried to appoint him independently of the Assembly in October, a move that caused considerable controversy.

But the bottom line to take away from tonight’s meeting: we’re one step closer to the state government actually listening to us. Keep your fingers crossed.

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