Wine Kiosks Making a Comeback

After failures in the machines prompted a removal in December, wine kiosks will be returning to Pennsylvania stores, including the Wegmans on North Atherton St, according to an article published earlier this week in the Daily Collegian.

Pennsylvania became the first state to operate automated wine kiosks last June. Forgetting the fact that these apparatuses were only necessary because of this state’s byzantine alcohol laws, six months later the PLCB was forced to temporarily bring 30 machines offline and pause the installation of new machines.

The kiosks are pretty cool technology though. Just by swiping your driver’s license and credit card could get you a bottle of wine, which cost from $6.99 to $23. But here’s the catch: before customers can make a purchase, they must take a breathalyzer test to make sure they’re not too wasted to buy their favorite bottle of Moscato.

There is no exact date when the kiosks will hit State College, but watch for one soon. Wegmans doesn’t mess around. In fact, now they’ll be nearly a one-stop shop. Beer, wine, and the region’s best grocery store? Count me in.

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