Capitol Steps Bring Political Humor to Happy Valley

Political satire group The Capitol Steps performed at the State Theatre last night to a slightly older crowd with their musical quips about current hot topics. A group of five comedians took turns changing outfits, accents, and ethnicities during the fast paced show, never skipping a beat on the political pulse.

One of my favorite acts was the Lirty Dies speech that highlighted a number of topics ranging from Wiger Toods (Tiger Woods) to the Poo Tarty (not to be confused with constipation this stands for the two-party political system). The twisting of words throughout this skit emphasizes the fact that people don’t always know what they are saying let alone what they are hearing. Throughout the act I was able keep up with the tongue-twisting language and laugh along at the Fich and Ramous (Rich and Famous).

Have you been paying attention the new TSA airport security regulations? If you have, you’ll enjoy the Steps’ interpretation Put Your Cans In The Hands with lines like “when you’re groped by a dope then you know the terrorists have won”. No topic was too taboo for the Steps to tackle, whether it was the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military, Hilary and Bill Clinton’s comical love life, the cliche image of a West Virginian sans teeth, or the Toyota car malfunctions, the evening brought the audience to laughter on many occassions.

The performers showed great ability to engage an audience throughout the entire night, even if some of the jokes went over the heads of the predominantly elderly crowd (read: they didn’t get the attacks on Facebook or the interpretation of Barack Obama as the Old Spice Guy).

Over the past 28 years the Steps have performed on NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, and even CNN’s “Inside Politics”. Many of the performers have first hand experience working on Capitol Hill for both Republicans and Democrats. The sense of humor represented on stage was all encompassing and easy to relate to no matter what your age or political party affiliation is. For more clips from their show and details on future events check out their website and be prepared to be fully entertained.

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