Weezy Tickets: We Will Not Stand For Sitting

Last week, the news broke that Weezy will play University Park, and early this week the concert was confirmed. Student sales are slated for a pre sale on Thursday at noon for $10 off with a student ID. We knew all this information and we were content.

But what the hell?

According to the both the BJC’s website and the Facebook event page the ticket price ranges from $39.75-79.75 ($29.75-69.75 for students). But it’s not always what the information says, it’s also what it doesn’t say.

With close scrutiny and a call to the BJC, one finds that “there will be no standing room or general admission of any sort.” The majority of tickets were revealed to cost $79.75, with less expensive tickets in select parts of the concourse.

What does this mean?

First of all, you’ll have to drop $70 to see Wayne, not to mention the amount of alcohol you’ll probably want for such event. Then, you have to sit in a fucking chair? Oh, hell no. I seriously hope the BJC changes their thinking before tickets go on sale Thursday.

When Jay-Z came, we paid $25 to dance and grind the night away. If you honestly think students are going to shell out that much to be told what to do, you are crazy.

Oh, and sorry to the Obama-goers, you’ll be busy when tickets go on sale. The only good news is students can still use up to 6 friends Penn State ID’s if you are attending the President’s talk or simply have class.

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