Penn State to Learn More with NBC Learn

Acting much like a new-aged microfilm lab, a partnership between NBC and Penn State offers faculty and students access to a plethora of historic newsreels. If you enjoy watching Discovery Life stoned, this will be your new go-to site when intellectually stimulated.

The pilot site, NBC Learn, hosts broadcasts and educational shorts from more than 75 years of air time. Anyone with a valid Penn State ID can browse videos in a collection of academic categories. The 26 browseable sub-sections mimic a list of majors, grouping videos according to academic content. One can choose from listings such as Agscience, Biology, Finance, Global Studies, Macro/Microeconomics, Journalism, Physics, and Women’s Studies. There is even an “In The News” section that can keep you up-to-date with the hottest current events.

Video archives can be easily searched or browsed with keywords. The videos also come with other useful features, like a playlist option that allows you to save and share interesting material you’ve viewed. You can even accompany the playlist with notes you or your professor have jotted down. The share feature allows you to easily post content to Twitter, Facebook, or Delicious. But by far the coolest option is a full transcript of the content on the video.

NBC Learn has the potential to be a very useful tool for students and professors. There’s even video of NBC originally breaking stories like the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War. Nothing adds to a class lecture like a broadcast about the discussed issue. It’s like the Hulu of education. They don’t archive 30 Rock or Heroes, but I’m sure you can find something that will catch your interest.

If you want to learn more about how NBC Learn can spice up your studies, get in touch with educational technology manager Chris Millet over at TLT.

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