Looking for a New Brome? Frats For Sale

Are you and your fraternity looking for a Bro Palace to call your own? Well, here’s your chance to join the ranks of Penn State’s Frat Frontier and host your very own bangers, for there is not just one fraternity house up for sale, but two!

First is the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter house. Located on 328 E. Fairmount Ave., this exquisite stone-walled structure is zoned for 43 occupants, offering you and the rest of your frat pack an unlimited stock of broments. While wandering through the  interior of this 11,560 square foot brocropolis, you will find yourself immersed in the fratmosphere of  its’ 31 bedrooms and wooden-floor common areas. More? Yup. There is plenty of space for your Toybrotas, Chevbrolets, Land Brovers and Hondbrahs in the 22 parking spaces provided, and with a newly added sprinkler system in 2008, and many new windows added in 2009, you’d have to be an imbrocile to pass up on this deal! You can purchase this gem for the mere cost of $1.65 million.

The second house up for sale comes from the Sigma Alpha Mu chapter. With prime location on 329 E. Prospect Ave., and zoned for 63 occupants, there is plenty of room for activities for you and your broalition. This 14,711 square foot, 31-bedroom, one-of-a-kind châbreau is full of the frattitude you have been searching for. If all of this isn’t enough, there are 24 parking spots, an enclosed yard for ultimate frisbee, and a fratio for you to host some boss cookouts that are sure to bring out the ladies. At the cost of $2.395 million, it doesn’t take Sherlock Brolmes, brah, to tell that this is the home for you!

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