Group Texting, Giant Headache

As children of the 90’s, sometimes we reminisce about the amazing things we grew up with. Saturday morning cartoons. Tamagotchis. Boy bands. With new texting programs like GroupMe, you can pretend to be in an AOL chat room all day long from your cell phone.

GroupMe is modeled after Blackberry “groups” and is available to anyone, not just people with smart phones. In theory it sounds great way to communicate with people you’re working with in your classes, members of your organization’s executive boards, or even large committees. But what looks great on paper is actually a terrible idea in real life. Throw fifteen or so people into one giant texting group and now your phone is being spammed with Texts From Last Night and drama over who hooked up with who at this week’s social. Save that shit for the list-serves people!

Being a part of GroupMe leads to a perpetually drained battery. It is possible to “mute” a group and stop getting messages for an extended period of time, but once you turn it back on your phone will receive EVERY. SINGLE. MESSAGE you missed. Woof. Dear loyal readers of Onward Sate, from a roommate of someone who uses this program, please stick to mass-texting. I am sick of being kept up at night from a cell phone’s incessant vibrating.

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