Betty Big Head and Carlos Cranium Rock THON

There are big heads at THON, and no, not the kind that are filled with arrogance and hot air. Onward State’s own John Tecce takes a moment from THONing to explain how Betty White and baby Carlos from the Hangover made it to the event.

As big heads became a nationwide phenomenon at NCAA basketball games, Penn State’s Nittany Nation wanted to get in on the action, said Tecce.

“We asked on Facebook what big heads people wanted to see,” he said. “We have Ace Ventura and Erin Andrews amongst others.”

Yet being a pet detective or ESPN reporter wasn’t enough to gain entrance into the big show: THON. According to Tecce, the big heads of Betty White and baby Carlos were chosen strategically.

“Carlos is for our dancer Lyndsie Smyser because she’s so fun,” said Tecce.

And Betty White, well… She’s Betty White – Enough said.

“It’s interesting,” Tecce said, “I’m carrying her around and people are pointing and laughing.”

As one of the most noticeable images in the stands of the BJC, the Nittany Nation is feeling the pressure to hold up their big heads as much as possible. Yet according to Tecce, songs like “Live Your Life” by TI are a must when it comes to showing off the big heads.

With the success of the big heads at this year’s THON, it’s almost guaranteed that they will make it back next year. If that’s the case, Tecce hopes that THON DJ Larry Moore makes the big head cut. Another good option, Tecce said: “Graham Spanier.”

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