Dancer Profile: Samantha Cohen

In a sea of dancers eating, playing jenga, dancing and playing with kids, Onward State approached dancer Samantha Cohen for a quick interview.

OS: What organizations are you dancing for?
SC: Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Chi.

OS: Who are your THOn children?
SC: Jackie and Ian, who is dancing around here somewhere.

OS: So you just finished your meal, how was it?
SC: It wasn’t good, not impressed.

OS: What do you think of this year’s last dance?
SC: It’s really good, way better than last year.
OS: Oh yeah, why’s that?
SC: It’s so much faster and more upbeat.
OS: Have you learned it yet?
SC: Still in the progress.

OS: That’s quite the fanny pack you got there, care to share what you have inside?
SC: I have 3 different chapsticks [for one set of lips], my camera, my cell phone with a sticker over the time, and my hairbrush.

OS: Why dance?
SC: For The Kids, they’re the reason I’m doing this, to help find the cure and make a difference.

OS: What are you looking forward to most?
SC: The last four hours are definitely the best.

How are your legs doing right now?
SC: Good, I’m not tired yet.

OS: What is one of your favorite parts about THON?
SC: Seeing everyone dancing and smiling.

OS: Alright Sam, keep on keepin’ on!
SC: Thank you, have a good day.

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