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Dr. Andrew Freiberg is a pediatric hematology oncologist at the Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. In layman’s terms, Dr. Freiberg works with young cancer patients. He has been involved with THON since almost the very beginning of the event. Onward State got a chance to take with Dr. Freiberg on Saturday about his work and involvement with THON.

Onward State: How are you involved with THON?
Dr. Andrew Freiberg: I’m one of nine attending pediatric hematology oncologists. We diagnose patients, treat them and follow them.

OS: When did you become involved with THON?
AF: I interviewed here in 1992. A fellow doctor picked me up at the airport the day after THON. That was the first year we raised $1 million. I have been involved since then, and I always like seeing patients outside the hospital.

OS: How much time do you put into THON?
AF: I’m usually on call for the beginning of THON but I’ve never missed the ending. I like to stay up all night and stay at the [BJC].

OS: How has your day been so far?
AF: It’s been great. I have my patients that I get to see. I can look forward to seeing patients that I don’t get to see much. It’s the continuity about pediatric oncology that is so great about it. I get to see my patients and even children of my former patients. THON is really the culmination of my year.

OS: Your brother had cancer as a child. Did that have an influence on your becoming a doctor?
AF: I know it did. My mother is a doctor and experiencing my brother’s problems…it was a scary experience. It brings mortality home to you. He had a miserable summer and we all were scared. I don’t know if I knew I wanted to become a doctor right then. However, pediatric oncology is hard work, and I can deal with the hard issues due to my childhood situation.

OS: Do you have other charities you work for?
AF: I do Boy Scouts and I am also a Freemason.

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