For THON veterans and newcomers alike, the event is quite a spectacle. Yet amongst all of the sights, there are a handful that stand out. Here are five things to keep an eye out for during this year’s THON.

Beach balls – Bouncy balls – Balloons

Due to their fun factor, these spherical toys are in abundance at THON. No matter the time, there’s bound to be at least one ball floating through the air. Try to THON with one eye open and not become a victim of the projectiles.

Signs – Cutouts – Inflatables

As committee members and visitors watch from the stands, they represent with more than just their shouts. Fraternities and Sororities throw up their Greek letters while others hold up inflatable animals and objects. Even Betty White and baby Carlos from The Hangover have made cardboard cutout appearances.

Mascots – Costumes

One of the aspects that gives THON its flare is the assortment of costumes on display. There were mascot appearances from the Phillie Phanatic and Geico Gecko, as well as several Star Wars characters. Some other standout costumes include the bloodhound, pink gorilla, and Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi.


A great way to understand the who’s who of THON is to look at what they are wearing. Each committee has a designated t-shirt color, and many wear other matching items such as hats and socks. Remember “Wacky Wednesday” from your high school’s spirit week? This is like that, only with way more fanny packs.

Smiling Faces

Nothing is more important than the ear to ear smiles that the kids, dancers, committee members, and visitors have while attending THON. The joy that fills the BJC is what makes all of the hard work worth while. The biggest smiles of all will come in those final moments when the success of THON is revealed and the hope of many individuals is renewed.

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