OS Dancer Dan Update: Hour 20

As hour twenty comes to a close in the Bryce Jordan Center, THON is officially nearing the half-way point. Sleep deprivation is starting to set in, the songs are getting repeated and at this point the 708 dancers can probably do the line dance in their sleep (too bad they won’t for another 20+ hours). The staff here at Onward State is proud to say that one of our editors, @DanVecellio, is on the floor representing the Penn State College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. We decided to check in to see how he was doing.

OnwardState: So how are you feeling at this point?
@DanVecellio: It’s hurting a little more, I’ll make it through, but it’s going to be harder than I thought it was going to be.

OS: So what have you been up to so far?
DV: You know, blowing bubbles and playing with bouncy balls.

OS: Who else are you dancing with in your team?
DV: Two of them are Ryan Leddy a senior in Meteotrology (like me) and Glenn DeAngelis a junior in energy engineering.

OS: Who are you dancing for this weekend?
DV: We have two families, one of our kids is Michael Woods and we’re also dancing for the Brewer family who lost their child in 2006

OS: What is the number one thing you want to make sure you have?
DV: Tennis balls. Not only are the fuzzy and fun to play with, but they are good for your feet too

OS: What color are you playing for in the Color Wars?
DV: We’re the red team, and last I knew we were winning.

OS: What are you hoping to hear in the next few hours?
DV: At this point, I’m hoping for LFO.

For all your @THON coverage and Dancer Dan updates, follow @THONwardstate and check out our live blog.

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