OS Dancer Dan Update: Hour 40

The sun has finally risen on the last day of THON, but that doesn’t mean the day is over, but actually far from it. Yes, 40 hours may have been completed, but it’s the next 6 that are crucial to the 708 dancers.

We’ve begun to see our friends spacing, gone through more line dances than are countable and have live blogged the whole way through. We’ve made a point of keeping up with one of our editor’s @DanVecellio, who is dancing for The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. He has begun to notice the side effects of such a rigorous weekend (as have we), but this hasn’t stopped him in the least.

OnwardState: What’s going through your mind right now?
@DanVecellio: I don’t even know if I have a mind anymore.

OS: What have you been up to since we talked to you last?
DV: I ate. And danced. I haven’t used the tennis balls on my feet nor have received a massage. I don’t need it yet.

OS: Are you still functioning well?
DV: No, not really. I’m watching everyone around me. I feel like I’m in the third person watching myself and the others around me here; it’s weird.

OS: What did you think of your Dancer Mail?
DV: Honestly, I bawled like a baby by the second letter. Thankfully someone drew me pictures of dinosaurs to make me laugh between the tears.

OS: What’s the first thing you are going to do when you get home?
DV: Sleep. At least 16 or 17 hours. Sleep is good; it’s what limits what you push your mind to. And for the fact of showering, that will come after I finally wake up.

OS: What will get you through your remaining (unknown) hours left?
DV: I’m hoping that as more people come, the energy will build and it will keep me going. Not to mention my new friend George (a toy triceratops named by his Moraler) and Herbert (an elephant puppet named by his girlfriend) that were given to me are keeping me company.

OS: I know you’ve played tiring sports, have you ever felt like this before?
DV: No, not at all. I always had a full mental state when I played sports, this you can’t prepare for. My Morale Captain took me outside for some air to see if that would help. It didn’t. At all.

OS: Do you feel differently now rather than whatever odd hours ago we talked?
DV: It’s weird because my feet hurt yesterday morning and I was worried but I sort of just got by it, now I’m still going just don’t know if my mind will make it with everything else.

OS: Good luck with your remaining time, do you think you’ll make it to your Monday class?
DV: Oh yeah, that is something I have to think about. I really think I’m going to email my teachers about class; THON is a whole different experience and will need to recover.

For all your @THON coverage and Dancer Dan updates, follow @THONwardstate and check out our live blog.

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