Battle: Los Angeles

Last week, we ran a post with an interview with R&B artist/actor Ne-Yo about his upcoming movie Battle: Los Angeles which also stars Aaron Eckhart (The Dark Knight, Thank You for Smoking) and Michelle Rodriguez (Fast and the Furious, S.W.A.T.).

“For this movie, we didn’t really draw on alien movies but drew more on war movies,” Eckhart said. “Aliens just happen to be the foe.”

Rodriguez, Eckhart, and Ne-Yo all discussed how they trained for this movie by actually going to boot camp and being trained as real Marines.  Fitness, tactics, and psychology are all factors they focused on to get into the mind of a soldier.

“This was a new experience,” Rodriguez, who is no stranger to action films, said. “I got to shoot .50 calibers; how many people can say they did that? I love guns as long as they aren’t killing people.”

The movie was described by both Ne-Yo and Eckhart as similar to a video game with the movie geared toward specific audience. Eckhart describes the style as “very kick-ass movie with a documentary film style,” and that the audience can “feel in the action with the videogame graphics like a Call-of-Duty-style filmmaking.”

Rodriguez is no stranger to video games either since she has done voices for almost a dozen video games, including Halo 2.  She is no stranger to geek culture and loves to play games, especially Modern Warfare 2, saying it gives her an excuse to wander around the Microsoft studios.

Rodriguez wants people to know one thing about the movie: “just because there are aliens in this doesn’t compare it to Avatar; in Battle: LA it’s whole different kind of story instead of the ride you go on [in Avatar.]”

Battle: Los Angeles is in theaters nationwide on March 11 and as if you need another reason to see a movie that stars Two-Face, Eckhart says “I love the director and the character; it’s a different kind of alien movie.  I even broke my arm in the movie and I think they used the scene.”

Check out Battle: Los Angeles and look for the bone-crunching scene and remember that no matter what the movie is like, you’re still off of school for a week and need some form of entertainment.

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