Beannachtaí na Fhéile Pádraig!

You may have noticed a man walking around campus in a funny outfit today, or in past years, playing the bagpipe. While this would be considered quite bizarre on 364 days of the year, today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and nothing evokes that feisty Irish spirit like a jig-worthy bagpipe ditty. Well, except large quantities of beer, that is.

Patrick Salmon, a junior majoring in Energy Engineering has sported this Gaelic outfit every St. Paddy’s day for three years. Salmon is a member of the Irish Culture Society back in his hometown of Scranton, PA.

“I wanted to bring the St. Patrick’s spirit of my home to Penn State, and undo some of the harm done by State Patty’s Day,” Salmon said.

Salmon began playing the bagpipe back in his junior year of high school, and hasn’t stopped since. In regards to his apparel, he described it as an adapted Irish outfit.

“We [the Irish] gave the Scottish the bagpipes, so we get their uniform,” he said.

Salmon loves parading the campus and spreading the holiday spirit to his fellow students, and intends to continue the act into his final year.

“As long as it makes people happy,” he said.

Keep an eye out for this Irish extraordinaire, and immerse yourself in the St. Patrick’s spirit by dancing and clapping along to his sweet, sweet tunes.

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