Day: March 18, 2011

Pennharmonics CD Release Show

The Pennharmonics, Penn State's premier co-ed a Cappella group, or as they have dubbed themselves, the sexiest a Cappella group in the universe, is having a concert tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. in 105 Forum. This concert marks the release of their brand new studio album, "Black And Silver," featuring some of your favorite radio hits.

GQ Declares Penn State Football Fans 7th Worst In Sports

GQ magazine came out with their "Worst Sports Fans in America" list yesterday, and Penn State made a rather surprising appearance at #7.

It's worth mentioning that Penn State is joined on this list by some of the elite organizations in college and professional sports. Among the other teams considered to have the "worst fans in sports" were the Los Angeles Lakers (15), Dallas Cowboys (12), Montreal Canadiens (11), New York Yankees (9), Boston Red Sox (7), and Philadelphia Phillies (1, and the Eagles were ranked #2), as well as LSU football (10) and Duke basketball (8).

What do you think? Are Penn State fans really as bad as GQ paints them to be? Have you had any negative experiences with Penn State fans?

Penn State Board of Trustees Convenes in NYC

The Penn State Board of Trustees is convening this morning in New York City., and its online partner, will be providing love coverage for the event.

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