UPUA Candidates: Joe Grimes & Tyler Wentz

Joe Grimes: Presidential Candidate

Basic Information:

Senior from Philadelphia, double majoring in Crime, Law and Justice/Energy Business and Finance.

What organizations are you involved with here at Penn State?


What is your political background?

In high school, I was a member of the Student Council for four years. I served as a Student Ambassador for the United States to the countries of New Zealand and Fiji. Currently, serving as the UPUA Off Campus Representative, I have worked extensively with the administration in the development of the off campus meal plan, which should, by all indications, be ready [and] operational by next fall semester.

Why have you chosen to run for president for UPUA?

I feel that my leadership qualities would be better utilized if I were the president of the UPUA. As the UPUA Off Campus Representative, I worked extensively on a project that was very much needed by my constituents, and the fact that all signs indicate that it will be operational by next semester, I want to move on to bigger things. By just serving the off campus constituents, I would be doing a disservice to the university as a whole. I feel that I [could] do so much more if I were to represent the entire student body.

Tyler Wentz: Vice Presidential Candidate

Basic Information:

Freshman from Pittsburgh, in the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

What organizations are you involved with here at Penn State?

UPUA, THON Opperations Committee, Penn State College Democrats, Penn State Tennis Club, and served as an intern under current UPUA president, Christian Ragland.

What is your political background?

During my high school career, I served as the Class Treasurer, a member of the Student Council, and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. At Penn State, I am currently serving as the UPUA Secretary.

Why have you chosen to run for vice president of UPUA?

I have always had an innate feeling to help people. I have always been a naturally born leader, and I feel that being vice president will best allow me to help my fellow students, and better their own Penn State experience. In almost every group that I have been involved in, I have taken the leadership position, and that is because I want to help people. It’s just something I truly enjoy doing.

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