New Downtown Tanning Salon Makes GTL a Reality

As someone born and raised in Staten Island, I consider myself an expert on the art of fake tanning. Every single strip mall at home has a tanning salon. Some even offer life-time memberships (I kid you not). Unfortunately, State College is not the most tanning-salon friendly town. Whether it is keeping your spring break glow or prepping for formal season, it is almost impossible to go tanning without it turning into a 55-minute ordeal.

Even then, the options are extremely limited. Ultimate Tans (111 West Beaver Ave) only offers stand-up machines that come in three different levels of intensity. The only other downtown option is The Bronze (319 East Beaver Ave), easily one of the sleaziest establishments I have ever walked into. Customers have to sanitize their own beds and air conditioning is replaced with large personal fans by every machine. With so much demand and so little supply, both Ultimate Tans and The Bronze can set their own outlandish prices, knowing that any girl interested will fork over her extra Lion Cash.

The addition of a third tanning salon has plenty of people thinking “about friggin time.” California Tanning Express opened its doors at 328 East Calder Way this semester and has already reminded me what a legitimate tanning salon should look like. There are six levels of beds, ranked by the numbers of bulbs and their strength, as well as the maximum time limit for each. Each bed has personal speakers and a cooling system that can be adjusted. Some are actually even iPod-compatible.

California Tanning is currently running a promotion. New clients have the option for a free first tan in a Level 1 bed with an upgrade available. Existing clients can take $10 off their next package purchase. They are open 7 days a week and are located downtown, around the corner from Chipotle.

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