Drake Is with Young Money “Forever”

Apparently Onward State wasn’t the only blog up to April Fool’s shenanigans, as hiphopwired.com reported that at a Weezy concert at “University, PA,” Drake was supposed to be part of  surprise performance but was fired from Wayne’s Young Money label after a heated backstage spat. The article states that Drake and Wayne were fighting over unpaid royalties and then Drake refused to take the stage claiming “he was Young Money.”

News like this happens to go viral when you have so many fans who obsessively checking what’s going on in music news. The prank was obviously referring to the previous University Park, PA performance of Lil’ Wayne that had occurred two days before. Okay, so they screwed up the location, but not everyone would know that. This led many fans to believe the story.

Commentators on the site all posted comments like “this is a stupid, fucking April Fool’s prank” and others wishfully saying “this better be a joke.” The problem with this type of pranks (much like ours) is when people start to read the posts out of context or are not familiar with the site.

Now that the weekend is over, hiphopwired.com has reported that “a story surfaced on April Fool’s Day,” but coincidentally the story seems to have originated from their site. Unless they failed to cite the original source, that is. It was all a prank that spread nationwide and by Sunday before his concert in D.C., the rumor had finally reached Drake.

Check out the soundclip from the concert in the article above. All you really need to know is that when someone asked him if he was dropped from Young Money, he said “Boy, you must be out of your motherfuckin’ mind.”

YMCMB Forever.

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