No Refund Theatre Presents: Life x 3

You know those times when your friends are telling you a story about a party last night, or some other crazy incident, and one explains what happened, and then the other is like, “He/She is soooooo totes lying, this is what REALLY happened.” And then if there is a third, they chime in about how things really went down, and you just sit there, angrily confused because your friend’s are so damn incompetent, trying to decide which one of them is most believable.

Well if you don’t, Penn State’s No Refund Theatre is offering you the opportunity to get a taste of what such a quandary may look like in their performance of “Life x 3.”

A doomed tale of two couples convening for dinner and business, trouble looms in the form of a woman’s weakness for alcohol, the wily antics of an unseen 6-year-old, escalating forbidden lusts, and much more. If this doesn’t have your head pounding already, the evening’s episodes are echoed twice by two of the other characters (that means three different versions in all). According to Director David Charles, some of the events and lines repeat, but the story diverges in between, leaving the audience to decide what the truth is.

Charles described the production as a unique story; a smart comedy with a very eloquent, SAT-worthy vocabulary. “There is a lot of truth. It’s raw. There’s no Disney ending. It’s very much what life is like.”

Hooked? Well you can check out the madness starting tonight at 8 in 111 Forum, as well as at the same time and place on Friday and Saturday. Oh, and in case you haven’t heard of No Refund Theatre, and didn’t catch on to the title, it’s free.

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