UPUA Gears Up for Business Time

So it might not be as sexy as wearing nothing but black crew socks, but last night was the second meeting of the Sixth Assembly of the University Park Undergraduate Association. Having had only one round of committee meetings prior, it’s no surprise that there was no legislation on the table. The meeting was part of an introductory period, and the new Assembly is still settling in.

President T.J. Bard did have some news to announce, however. He said that he was working on a UPUA budget to be submitted to the Assembly, and that the plan should be ready later this week. In addition, he said he also met with CATA to see about possibly extending White Loop service.

The Assembly also heard from Mary Edgington, the Senior Director of Union and Student Activities and faculty advisor to UPUA, who introduced herself and explained her role as an advisor. She added that she hopes to initiate another UPUA retreat so that the new and returning members alike could get to know one another better.

The ideas are incubating, though, as Off-Campus Representative Tonia Damiano shared some input she got from the student body on things like student parking and getting LionCash accepted in downtown laundromats.

The committees are just getting started on ideas that will soon lead to legislation. We’ll see in the coming weeks the direction this Assembly takes.

Writer Ryan Kristobak contributed to this report.

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