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After turning in your last final, you feel a sense of relief as the door of the semester closes behind you. Now you are heading to the HUB bookstore to try to get your some money back for all those textbooks that you had to purchase but hardly even opened. Bad news: they are using a different version, a new edition came out, or they are just not taking back your books. What should you do with them? Instead of selling them on Amazon, or E-Bay here is another thing you can do.

Starting Monday May 2 until Thursday May 5 there is a place where you can donate your unwanted textbooks for a good cause. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in front of McLanahan’s Student Store on E. College Ave, and the Corner Room restaurant on Allen Street, there will be people collecting your books in order to raise money for HIV/AIDS centers in Kenya. If you donate three books you will receive a FREE Care for Aids t-shirt which is good for the gym, class, or even sleeping in. If you donate five or more book you will be entered to win an iTunes giftcard for $25 dollars to buy the soundtrack of Glee (don’t be shy) or whatever your musical heart desires.

This way you get rid of your nuisance psychology textbook or your Penn Statements that is worth less than fifty cents. CARE for AIDS is a non-profit organization that wants to involve college students in fight against HIV/AIDS. The textbook drive is a great way to help since one or two textbooks (about $20) provide care center services to one of the CARE for AIDS clients for one month.

There are over 25 million people infected with HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa and by dropping off your textbook that will be sitting on your shelves collecting dust will provide the opportunity to help care for Kenyans who need it. Penn State, along with a bunch of other schools, has been doing this to raise money. So far we have raised $14,968.97.

Why not get rid of your books and help a good cause while doing it? Don’t forget to tell your friends either!

For more information visit the CARE for AIDS website and the Facebook event.

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