Month: August 2011

Storify: Penn State Students Suggest Bands to SPA

Yesterday we asked our Twitter followers what bands and musicians they would like to see SPA bring to Penn State this year. Find out who your peers requested after the jump.

Volunteering Has a Fresh START

The huge campus and thousands of unfamiliar faces often leaves newcomers to University Park feeling overwhelmed. However, the Fresh START Day of Service held last Saturday allows freshman, international students and transfer students to ease into the transition of making friends and becoming familiar with the area while also giving back to the community through volunteer work.

What’s Not to Like About Football Eve?

Before the buses arrive at Beaver Stadium or the tailgates pop up in the surrounding parking lots, Football Eve will prime fans for what should be a special football season in Happy Valley.

Santorum Speaks to Room of Supporters, Others

The event was supposed to be intimate. Rick Santorum was coming back to Penn State, to speak with members of the College Republicans, a group he revived during his years at the university. Find out how the event went after the jump.

Depth Chart Released; Preseason Predictions

The official Penn State football preseason depth chart was released to the public on Monday. Surprise! Matt McGloin and Rob Bolden were named co-starters. It looks like both will get a chance to play on Saturday against Indiana State. The game will provide a final chance for the quarterbacks to impress before the huge game against Alabama in week two. Read on for a depth chart breakdown and a preseason prediction.

Santorum Event at HUB Draws Gay-Pride Protesters

The fireworks might have been going off inside 106 HUB, during spirited back-and forth sessions between students and Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, but just outside, there was a rainbow. Starting their rally at around 7:00, while prospective audience goers lined up to enter the event, held by the College Republicans, members of three different student organizations protested against Rick Santorum's policies, especially those related to gay marriage, adoption, and his strong support of so-called traditional family values.

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