ID+ Pictures Now Integrated with ANGEL

Instructors and course editors will now be able to see your face thanks to a new feature from TLT, ITS, and HFS that links the photo on your Penn State ID+ card to your profile in ANGEL. Of course, that’s just about the last photo you’d probably want your professors to see anyway (right, @ANGELsucks?). Hopefully, you look nothing like you did at freshman FTCAP, so you don’t get sniped for sleeping through your ASTRO 001 at 8:00 a.m.

It is an interesting tool for professors, though, especially in large classes. Statistics professor Pat Buchanan said she will now be able to put names to faces, especially in situations like, “Was this person actually here to get 100% on that quiz, or is he or she trying to pull a fast one on me?”

Putting a face to a name can be a valuable resource for other reasons as well. A professor who deals with 300-student sections is going to have an easier time interacting with those students if he or she can figure out that the student who wrote that e-mail sits in the front row or does come into office hours occasionally. While this new feature somewhat narrows the cracks you can slip through, it also gives you an opportunity to make a name for yourself — literally.

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