CCSG vs. UPUA Broomball: Game of the Century

Cue the Monday Night Football music. No, on second thought, the Sunday Night Football theme is more ominous. Tonight, from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments will take on the University Park Undergraduate Association in a game of broomball that is sure to be one of the defining moments in Penn State’s history. Needless to say, @GSpanierPSU has bet all our state appropriations on this game.

The CCSG “Fighting Quakers” come into this game with an undefeated record against the UPUA “Bandits.” Come to think of it, I’d be surprised if any of these student government types had ever set foot on an ice rink in their lives. But that’s beside the point!

I don’t make the odds; Vegas does! And considering that CCSG has 45 years on UPUA, and is 19 times the size, it’s no wonder that they’re favored by 11 ½. But, they’ll be playing on the road (they always are, since their home ice is spread out across the state), and the Bandits are young and feisty!

One thing we can expect for sure is a hard fought game with plenty of checking and maybe not so much scoring. Look for the Fighting Quakers to use their numbers to tire out the Bandits, and for star captains T.J. Bard and Pete Khoury to fire nonstop shots at each other, including some awesome smack talk in legalese (“I’ll make your mother a point of order!”) But here’s my prediction, for what it’s worth: CCSG wins, but doesn’t cover the spread.

So if you’ve got nothing else to do tonight, stop by the ice rink to see these two duke it out. It could be pretty entertaining.

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