UPUA Approves New Members, Trip to Pittsburgh for PASS Meeting

According to meeting minutes, the vast majority of Wednesday’s meeting was spent listening to a guest presentation from Tom Fountaine, the State College Borough Manager, who spoke to the General Assembly about some of the issues affecting both town and gown, and the areas of conflict between students and State College residents. He also discussed zoning legislation that would limit student housing in the residential areas further from campus, and its potential effects on students.

Following that discussion, three new members were confirmed into the student government—with sophomores Steven Lynch and Meaghan McLaughlin each voted in to At-Large spots by large margins. Senior Rebecca Williams was confirmed to the Board of Arbitration, again in overwhelming fashion. The only piece of legislation that made it to the assembly floor involved approving funding for the UPUA’s trip to Pittsburgh for this weekend’s PASS conference, which, unsurprisingly, passed unanimously.

For those who don’t remember, PASS is the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Schools, which brings together Penn State, Pittsburgh, Temple, and Lincoln universities, mainly in an effort to show a unified face to state legislators. Creation of the organization was perhaps former President Christian Ragland’s crowning achievement during his UPUA tenure.

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