Homecoming Celebrates Spirit Week

It’s hard to believe, but Homecoming Week is just a few days away. Before anyone realizes it, we’ll be watching the floats parading down Curtin Road, cheering as a King and Queen are selected, and singing along as the Alumni Blue Band gives it their all in Beaver Stadium. But the fun doesn’t start there–let this week be the beginning of the excitement by participating in Homecoming’s Spirit Week.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, you haven’t forgotten about Spirit Weeks past–this is the first year that Homecoming has been extended so far past the original jurisdiction. But in this new tradition, perhaps an even greater sense of school spirit can be fostered.

You may have noticed some of your classmates decked out in black and pink yesterday, but they weren’t making a fashion statement as autumn finally falls on State College–they were honoring the original colors of Penn State in Monday’s Spirit Week kickoff. That’s a similar theme to today’s event–where spirit points will be awarded to those wearing the new logo of Penn State Homecoming, celebrating the “Forever Lions, Endless Pride” theme. There will also be a chicken wing-eating competition in the HUB.

The rest of the week promises more fun–Wednesday will feature the Red Bull Sidehack Derby, which we’ve already written about and promises to be a ton of fun for all involved, with food and drink specials up at Champs Sports Grill. Thursday will bring Halloween a few weeks early, as participants are encouraged to dress up as Joe Paterno, so roll up your pant legs and buy some thick glasses to participate. You’ll have to roll up the shirt sleeve, too, to donate at the Homecoming Blood Drive. And on Friday, prep for the Iowa game by wearing your favorite Penn State football jersey.

By participating in these events all week , you can win spirit points for your organization–but there’s also the matter of Penny Wars in the first floor of the HUB for even more friendly competition between orgs.

All things considered, this ought to be the first of many Spirit Weeks in the future, as it only promises to add to the Homecoming experience for Penn Staters.

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