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Day: October 25, 2011

What Do You Want to See on the HUB TVs?

Throughout the HUB, various televisions are placed for students' daily use, perfect to enjoy over a Panda Bowl or to kill time with between classes. Of all of the televisions in the HUB, the big screen is obviously the most apparent and the most popular. It's no secret that some students aren't too keen on the channel selection, yet to date nothing has changed. However, this is finally in the works.

Onward Debates: Facebook Will Cost You a Job

The reasons why a Facebook could potentially cost you a job. Photos of you drinking and status updates are some of the few.

Onward Debates: Facebook Can Get You a Job?

This version of Onward Debates focuses on whether your Facebook profile is an asset or a detriment to your job/internship candidacy. Here's why a carefully-managed profile can actually prove to be an advantage for you when it comes to potential employers.

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