Declare a Minor, No Pants Required!

No, Penn State hasn’t loosened up its policy on public nudity. Instead, the university has managed to add yet another tool to eLion: Declaration of a Minor.

It all began a year ago, in October 2010, when the Faculty Senate adjusted a policy, which allowed students to declare minors from any campus that offered required the courses. But it was in the execution where this idea arose, with the Senate declaring that the approval process for adding a minor was needless, and recommending its elimination.

It would’ve been easy enough to miss that development, but yesterday it came to fruition, with Penn State students gaining the ability to add a minor from their dorm room or apartment. Don’t believe me? Just check eLion–it’s one of the tabs under the “M” category.

This is yet another initiative to come out of the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments–or more specifically, from its current President, Peter Khoury. Khoury was the student representative on a special Minor Committee, which helped develop this feature. Even though this is only a minor accomplishment (pun intended), it at least continues CCSG’s commitment to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making life easier for Penn Staters.

Now, if you want to minor in acting or art, there is a caveat. You won’t be able to upload a YouTube video—for minors that require portfolios or auditions, you’ll have to go through the proper department channels, and for those few minors which mandate entrance requirements, you don’t get the benefit of immediate enrollment.

But those exceptions aside, this promises to be a beneficial addition and saving you a trip to Sparks or the Business Building or wherever you’d have to go in person.

An earlier version of this post intimated that the Minor Declaration eLion tool was a UPUA initiative. 

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