Why Uncle Joey? Comedians We’d Rather See

Dave Coulier, who played Uncle Joey on Full House, will be performing on Nov. 4. If you want to know where, then you’re reading the wrong post.

I thought this was a joke. Dave Coulier? He’s still around? Apparently his performance, along side Judah Friedlander (Frank Rossitano from 30 Rock and that guy who hugged everyone in the Dave Matthews Band video for “Everyday“), is not a cruel prank. Props for landing Anthony Jeselnik earlier in the year, but Uncle Joey doesn’t do it for me.

I would much rather see one of the Olsen twins repeat Michelle’s “you got it, dude” catchphrase for two hours than expose my poor ears to Coulier’s corny jokes. At least when he was relevant there was a sitcom plot to keep the viewers interested. My guess is without Bob Saget teaching the girls a life lesson and Uncle Jesse banging that chick upstairs, Coulier will be pretty boring live.

Rather than listening to Coulier, I recommend picking up a rock, throwing it, and allowing whomever it hits to perform stand-up.  Or, here’s a list of some other comedians I’d rather see:

Adam DeVine
If you enjoy Workaholics then you would love DeVine’s stand-up. I don’t think he has gotten  popular enough to turn down a college show yet, but if we wait 16 years after his show gets canceled people might not care anymore.

Donald Glover
Another young comedian who hasn’t reached his prime yet. I don’t really watch Community, but I would assume what he says in his stand-up is a bit edgier than what he can say during Thursday night primetime.

Brian Regan
This guy kills me. If you haven’t seen his bit on Pop Tarts, check it out here. It would probably be more difficult to get him to perform at PSU, but not impossible.

These are merely suggestions for next time. My advice would be to just book one of them though. They’re good enough to do a show on their own.

What comedians would you like to see at PSU?

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