Old Man Winter Hits October

Unfortunately, it’s true. Old Man Winter grew a pair and decided to bombard State College with some snow over Halloween weekend.

I was in complete denial about the forecast leading up to last weekend. Maybe I doubted the snow because it was Halloween weekend, or perhaps my stubbornness was due to the fact that I did not have the proper snow attire. I realize that we live in Pennsylvania, but winter barely gave my darling autumn a chance. Instead of walking around in semi-comfortable weather, some of the Penn State faithful were forced to cover up their festive costumes with jackets and boots.

The real troopers were the students who braved the elements and watched Joe Paterno make history with his 409th victory. My congratulations to JoePa, but the slosh I encountered during the pregame activities managed to invade my Adidas and my soul. I made the agonizing decision to skip the game due to my lack of winter gear.

Don’t judge me because I wimped out on the Nittany Lions this weekend. I should have never been put in that position, the same way some students shouldn’t be sick this week for not wearing enough clothing on Halloween weekend.

Old Man Winter, that snowfall was bush league. You may have claimed multiple casualties this weekend, but I guarantee you there were just as many students who urinated all over your premature Winter Wonderland. And that, my friend, is how the Nittany Lions roll. Expect similar behavior in January, prick.

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