Brady: Erickson President for the Long Haul

Students in the Schreyer Honors College’s Student Council received an interesting email Wednesday afternoon, recapping the group’s Tuesday meeting, at which Dean Christian Brady spoke.

The email, which was forwarded to Onward State, detailed Brady’s insight about leadership at Penn State.

First and foremost, Brady assured students that “Dr. Spanier did everything he was supposed to do in his knowledge.”

However, and perhaps most interestingly, Brady told students that the interim tag has been removed from President Rodney Erickson’s title, and Brady said that Erickson would serve for “at least the next two years.” Because Erickson’s previous position had been as the University Provost, a solely educational post; he had no ties to the scandal.

With the appointment of Robert Pangborn to Executive Vice President and Provost, and just how active Erickson has been in the past few days, this move was one that many may have seen coming. Still, for a dean of a college to acknowledge the fact seems to confirm that likelihood.

It had been reported that Graham Spanier was been issued a gag order by the Board of Trustees prior to his resigning of the presidency, and Erickson, clearly, is not operating under the same circumstances. However, his visibility, guidance, and leadership has been a welcome sight for Penn Staters who still have every right to question the senior administration.

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