Game Buttons on Hiatus

Those who are looking to add more blue buttons to their collection will have to wait.

According to the Centre Daily Times, one employee at Citizens Bank said the prized pieces of memorabilia won’t be put out by the bank “for the upcoming game or the next one,” and a branch manager declined to comment “on that situation.” In light of the scandal, the buttons may seem like poor taste due to their link to possible innuendos.

Those free buttons, which have fan-written slogans about each specific game, have been a part of Penn State football since 1972. Each year, fans are given the chance to submit their slogans to a contest held by the bank. The submissions are then judged based on “wit, originality and brevity” according to the bank’s website. However, whether or not the contest will make it to its 40th year is uncertain.

This is disheartening, but necessary. Fans and students are trying to reclaim any shred of normalcy regarding their game day traditions, but unfortunate coincidences do occur.  The buttons are a small yet important part of the football experience at Penn State, so hopefully this celebration of school spirit won’t be lost permanently.

Who has an original, brief piece of wit for the upcoming game?

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