Tips For Success: Holiday Party Planning

It’s holiday time in Happy Valley whether you’re ready or not. Sugar plums may not be dancing in your head quite yet, but there are more college-like ways to celebrate the holidays.

Granted, we’re in school and money is always tight, but putting forth some extra effort for a holiday gathering isn’t too difficult. Here are some ideas on what to do and how to do it:


The best way to decorate your college home is to use your family’s old decorations. If you didn’t think that far ahead that’s okay. The Dollar Store and Ollie’s are always great places to buy cheap decorations. You certainly don’t have to channel your inner Martha Stewart for this. A wreath on the door, a tree, and maybe a few lights will suffice. Just a little bit of something to get you and your roommates in the holiday spirit.

The Gathering

Many students enjoy a nice holiday-themed party. On second thought, students generally enjoy any reason to drink. The holidays are a perfect time to add a little flavor to any banger.

  •  The Red and Green Party

Tell all your friends to wear red and green. If you want to get really crazy, get some green cups to compliment the classic red ones.

  • The Ugly Sweater Party

The Goodwill store is full of plenty of woolly rejects that grandma thought were stylish. Host a party where everyone wears one. At least when you spill on yourself it won’t matter as much, since you’ll already look ridiculous.

  • The Secret Santa Bottle Party

Instead of exchanging gifts, why not exchange liquor? Invite an even number of friends and tell everyone to bring a fifth of booze between two people. Match each pair with another pair, but don’t tell them until they get to the party (this way people won’t know that they were paired up with the habitual rum drinker). Once everyone’s together, have each pair exchange their bottles with whoever they were matched with. When everyone has their Secret Santa bottle, do the whole “Fifth and a Friend” thing.


To keep everyone interested in the party, try buying some holiday drinks (or make your own). Liquor-wise, there are many different brands of egg nog bottles available. Also, Bailey’s is always a tasty choice for the holidays. If you decide to stray away from Natty, all of the winter beers and variety packs are popular (Yuengling has a great variety pack). Mad Elf is also a nice seasonal beer, but it is very expensive and tends to go out of stock quickly.

Have a holiday bash and spread some cheer before finals week.

Got any holiday party ideas?

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