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Day: February 7, 2012

Paterno Memorial Items Will Be Archived

Per University Archivist Jackie Esposito, the mementos that once surrounded the Joe Paterno statue have been moved to a storage space provided by Intercollegiate Athletics.

Governor Corbett Announces More Funding Cuts

Today marks Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett second Budget Proposal address to members of the PA legislature, and with it came a similar tune from last year's remarks: cuts, limited spending, and no new taxes.

Becoming The Iceman

Some may have heard of an eccentric Dutchman by the name of Wim Hof. What's so extraordinary about him is that he has "the ability to control the thermostat" in his head. The idea behind that seems hard to believe, but it's been documented on video for his daredevil feats that seem to defy normal human threshold. But for Justin Rosales, a Penn State graduate, the ability to defy normal human standards became the catalyst the drove him onto a vision quest and eventually led him to publishing his story

THON to Host Movie & Four Diamonds Panel

With only ten short days remaining until THON weekend 2012, students will be presented with one more opportunity to delve into the history of the Four Diamonds Fund.

Professional Swag Shopping at the Career Fair

You can always tell that the career fair has arrived when flocks of students in wrinkly suits are seen carrying around bright tote bags filled to the top with cup koozies, water bottles, pens, notepads, and t-shirts. Yesterday, I was on a mission: No, not to get a job, but to find the best free swag the career fair had to offer.

THON Overall Series: Jackie Swerdon, Merchandise

In this interview, Merchandise Overall Jackie Swerdon explains the business side of THON, her job as the protector of the THON brand, and the unity that merchandise brings to the THON community. After reading, make sure to watch her Committee of the Week video, and see if you can figure which Jackie is the real Jackie.

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