Innoblue to Hold Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Do you have an entrepreneurial idea or venture that you want to bring to fruition? Beginning next Monday, the Penn State innovative group Innoblue will be hosting a free “Entrepreneurship Bootcamp” program.

According the Innoblue, over the course of twelve meetings, individuals and ventures will receive fast-paced training on the skills and tools necessary to launch a start-up. The program will run from February 13th to March 30th in the Innoblue Garage (also home to Onward State headquarters).

The twelve sessions will cover the following topics:

1. Getting Started – How to identify a five-star idea and the action steps that follow
2. Understanding your Target Market – Who, what, where, when, why, and how
3. Product/Market Fit – The only thing that matters
4. Building a Team – Recruiting talent, finding mentors, and making work = fun
5. Establishing Momentum and Building Traction – Evangelizing your business, and engaging users, and the iteration process
6. What About the Money – Financial projections, strategies, and how to make money
7. Putting it in Words – Compiling a business plan and a pitch deck
8. Entrepreneurial Myths and Secrets – What the best entrepreneurs do differently
9. Pitching – The art of effective communication as it relates to start-ups
10. Valuation and Raising Capital – How to value your business and secure your first-round investment
11. Dotting the i’s and Crossing the t’s – Law, Patents, Intellectual Property, and other paperwork
12. Bringing it all Together – Successfully navigating the sprints and marathons of start-ups

Online applications are due February 10th and can he submitted here.

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Kevin Horne

Kevin Horne was the editor of Onward State from 2012-2014 and currently holds the position of Managing Editor Emeritus, which is a fake title he made up. He graduated from Penn State with degrees journalism and political science in 2014 and is currently seeking his J.D. at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. A third generation Penn Stater from Williamsport, Pa., Kevin is also the president of the graduate student government. Email: [email protected]


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