Natty Nittany: THON 2012 Trends

Brightly colored shirts, pinnies, glitzed out fanny-packs, THON is always a time for fun breaks from normal day-to-day fashion. This year brought some new fashion trends to the floor of the BJC.

Hot Loops Headbands
These may look familiar to those of you who spent your pre-school years in the arts and crafts section. The loops these hair accessories are made from are the same loops used to make pot holders! The many color options are perfect for THON; anyone can make one to match an org, a committee, a dancer color, the possibilities are endless!

Fluffy Skirts
THON is a place for dancing, merriment, and embracing an inner childhood. What better clothing option for girls than a skirt reminiscent of a ballerina’s? These fluffy hot messes of tulle come in many colors and seemed to take over the female fashion options.

Shaved Hair Messages

Colored Mohawks have been a favorite for the men of THON for years, but this year I noticed many guys who took this style a step further. Whether sporting “FTK” or the 4D symbol, this hairdo not only shows your support of THON, but it will make sure people in class on Monday knew where you spent your weekend.

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