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Day: February 23, 2012

In Response to “What THON Means to Me”

My fellow editor, Kevin Horne, did no wrong in publishing his post. He initiated public criticism of THON, something most irrationally fear, and is necessary to the vitality of the program. His concerns are valid, and only seek to craft a more dynamic philanthropy. However, I have my disputes with the arguments that he crafted.

Honest Conversation About THON Is Necessary

Yesterday, my friend and fellow editor Kevin Horne voiced his opinion on THON, sparking a day and night of debate, discussion, and a whole lot of criticism towards Kevin's opinion. Today, I address that criticism, asking you to step back and examine the real point of the post.

Never Fear, CATA Token Advertisements Are Here

There's nothing quite like a night in 302 HUB, kicking back with two Diet Cokes and watching the gears of our student government turn simultaneously with the wheels of progress. Last night was no different, as the UPUA met for their weekly General Assembly meeting.

HUB Movie Preview: The Muppets

If you want to do something much more awesome than destroy Penn State's reputation this weekend, seeing this week's HUB movie is a great alternative. I saw the movie several times in theaters, and though the Muppet fan in me has a few issues, bear with me- even a lesser Muppet Movie is still a great movie.

Penn State Architecture Team Takes on International Competition

On February 14, members of Penn State’s School of Architecture submitted an entry to the Buckminster Fuller Challenge--described as “Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award” by Metropolis magazine.

Penn State: A Football School With A Basketball Problem

Seven freshmen, four sophomores, two juniors, and one senior. There's no doubt that the Penn State Nittany Lions men's basketball team is young. The majority of the players we've seen take the court this season will be here for at least the next two years. Like it or not, there won't be very many changes to the roster during the coming offseason.

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