Legendary Old Main Elm Cut Down Due To Disease

For the first time in 79 years, Old Main will be without one of its two iconic American elm trees. The large elm, located at the south-eastern corner of the building was infected with elm yellows, a disease that has spread like the plague among many other elm trees on campus and throughout the region. The tree was removed in an effort to help slow the spread of the disease, which has no known cure.

That elm tree witnessed many of Penn State’s most historical moments; from the Vietnam War protest, to the candle-light vigils and two presidential addresses along with an endless amount of other personal moments as generation after generation of Penn Staters walked under the tree on their way across campus.

The remains of the elm won’t go to waste however, as the wood from the tree will be put to use in what I consider one of the most creative ways possible as the university plans to use the wood to make furniture and frames available to Penn State alumni.

The Penn State Live Flickr set of what Old Main lawn now looks like can be found below.

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