Ponter/Kristobak Ticket Kicks Off Campaign

Evan Ponter and Ryan Kristobak unveiled their three pillar platform to a group of students in Willard last night. The platform includes key issues such as transparancy, an area the candidates think the UPUA need improvement in. Both candidates referenced their ties to on-campus activism in their introduction, and said that they wanted to reduce student apathy, making the student body “a force to be reckoned with.”

Neither candidate has UPUA experience, which Ponter repeatedly referenced: “We’re not the normal suits and ties you see at the meetings.” They think that the role of UPUA leaders should be “liaisons” — taking student concerns to the people who can fix them. While Ponter and Kristobak mentioned several ideas they had for future UPUA projects, they also refered to the flexibility of their platform. “We want the students to create our priorities,” Ponter emphasized, “We’re the different candidates. We’re not trying to be the people who have been there in the past.”

Onward State will have more comprehensive analysis of their profiles and campaign platform as election day approaches on March  28.

Editor’s Note: Evan Ponter and Ryan Kristobak are both Onward State staff members.

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