Hodgman and Rees Entertain At The State Theatre

John Hodgman, a correspondent on The Daily Show, performed at the State Theater on Friday night. Most famously known for his role as the PC in the Mac vs. PC commercials, Hodgman took on the role of a “deranged millionaire,” throwing his socks into the audience after he walked on stage and took off his shoes. He joked with the audience, referencing State College as the “most generically named town in America,” and then launched into the real reason for his show: Advertising his new book.

“That Is All,” Hodgman’s third book, claims to be all the knowledge ever in the world. Hodgman said he was sure that is would be the last book of knowledge ever, due to the upcoming end of the world as described by the Mayan calendar. He also pointed to presidential candidate Rick Santorum as a sign that the end was near.

The rest of his show was a treatise on almost every subject imaginable — sperm-whales, Basesball (because there’s more than one base), stage magic, or whatever else he deemed to fall under the category of “complete world knowledge.”

While Hodgman’s deranged millionaire antics kept much of the crowd laughing out loud, his opener, David Rees, was a tough act to follow. Reading aloud from his new book “Artisanal Pencil Sharpening,” he guided volunteers through “novelty methods” of pencil sharpening, including “sharpening behind one’s back” and “the mind-blower,” which was sharpening a pencil vertically instead of the normal horizontal method.

For those who enjoy left-wing humor, or just really wanted to learn new techniques of sharpening pencils, Hodgman and Rees kept the crowd laughing all night.

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