Candidates Enjoy Election Morning Waffle Shop

It’s a UPUA elections tradition unlike any other — election day breakfast at the downtown Waffle Shop.

The sun hadn’t yet risen this morning when the three UPUA Presidential candidates and their running-mates converged at College Ave. Waffle Shop, along with various members of the elections commission and media. This marked the last time the candidates would be together before a fierce final day of campaigning.

Now, the question you’ve all been waiting for: What did the candidates order?

  • Courtney Lennartz started off with an S4, consisting of dippy eggs (She said “dippy eggs” and not “sunny-side up”. I’ve been told that this is important.) She also substituted toast for the English muffin that typically comes with the selection.
  • Evan Ponter continued with the S2, which includes scrambled eggs and an English muffin. Unlike Lennartz, Ponter decided to keep the English muffin instead of opting for the toast.
  • Maggie Quinn went rogue with her order, selecting the S7, which comes with a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on a toasted English muffin.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you pick the next UPUA president on their breakfast food choices — I’m telling you to. I can honestly say that I learned more about each of the candidates this morning than I did in both debates combined. Toast instead of English muffin? Only one candidate ordered a meat dish? These are all telling signs about what your next Student Body President will bring to the table.

As Evan Ponter put it, “There’s nothing more American than Waffle Shop!”

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Kevin Horne was the editor of Onward State from 2012-2014 and currently holds the position of Managing Editor Emeritus, which is a fake title he made up. He graduated from Penn State with degrees journalism and political science in 2014 and is currently seeking his J.D. at the Penn State Dickinson School of Law. A third generation Penn Stater from Williamsport, Pa., Kevin is also the president of the graduate student government. Email: [email protected]


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