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Day: April 12, 2012

The Top 5 Places to Eat After Your Daylong

It's about 5p.m. and you're stumbling out of Fratland in search of something incredibly unhealthy, preferably fried or doused in grease, but how are you supposed to choose? Luckily, I have worked my way through the pantheon of State College venues and have rounded up the best of the best.

Lights, Bass, and DayGlow: A Recap

If you have a ticket to tonight's DayGlow show, you're in for a real treat. At least if last night's first stop in State College was any indication. Read more after the jump.

G-Span Finds a New Gig

It's been far too long since our revered former President Graham Spanier has been in the news. That changed yesterday when the Harrisburg-Patriot News reported that Spanier would be working on national security projects for the federal government.

Student Affairs Introduces Electronic Chargers

Penn State, you flatter me. Thanks to UPUA, I can now pick up phone chargers at the Library. Last night in the HUB, I was startled when I saw the latest innovation to reach our campus. Student Affairs has installed four charger boxes on the first floor of the HUB. Each box contains eight chargers cables that can power cell phones and iPods.

UPUA Confirms Executive Board Members

The UPUA 7th Assembly is now finalized following their confirmation of an executive board at their Wednesday evening general assembly meeting. It was a somewhat tedious process, but they were able to confirm all six positions on the board after a brief speech from each nominated member, a question-and-answer period, a discussion amongst the assembly, and a secret vote.

Sketchy Street Guide to Enjoying DayGlow

DayGlow will be making it rain paint in Penn State tonight yet again and let’s be honest--the world’s largest paint rave is best enjoyed under the influence. Here is a list of 5 tips to enjoying the lifestyle they warned you about in health class.

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