Check Out Some Sack at the Jampionships

Believe it or not, but footbag, otherwise known as hacky sack, for some people, is still a thing. In fact, there is a Penn State Footbag Club, and they are hosting a tournament this weekend.

So why should you care about the Jampionships? Here are a few reasons, according to club president, Nathan Pipenberg, why you should attend:

  • This isn’t a bunch of dudes just seeing how long they keep a hacky sack in the air. These dudes can do some insane tricks (see video below), and after one glance, you are immediately going to purchase a hacky sack and spend the next 36 hours trying to become the best footbagger to ever live. And I bet if you ask, any of the competitors would love to give you a run-down on some of the basic maneuvers.
  • This tournament isn’t just a few Penn State students. Some of the East Coast’s finest footbaggers are making the trek to State College from New Jersey, New York City, Boston, and Canada. The footbagging community, as you might believe it, is fairly small, so this may be your only chance to see some of the best show off the best they’ve got.
  • It looks like they are river dancing.
  • Boys in short shorts.
  • If anyone asks for an autograph, they shall receive it. These are some of the best footbaggers in the world, so if you got everyone’s hancock, that’s got to be worth at least a million dollars.
  • Accompanied by some sweet jammage, this is guaranteed to be a dank two afternoons full of fun.

The tournament will stretch across the weekend. On Saturday, April 14, they will be meeting on the brick plaza between the Business Building and Forest Resources Building around noon, and then on Sunday, April 15, the tournament will begin at 3 pm on the basketball courts of the Pollock Quad.

There will be two competitions: a circle contest, in which each contestant has six goes as long and hard as they can until the hacky sack drops, and then passes it to the next person in the circle (six turns each, winner determined by judges); and a request contest, in which the judges list two-trick combos, that get harder with each turn, and the last person to successfully complete the given combo within three attempts is the winner.

Put your mouth where your sack is. I know I am.

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